Upload Help

You can upload your reel and resume as part of the sign-up process.  After joining for free, there will be a page where you can choose the files that you would like to upload.  If you are already a member, go to our home page (www.showbizreels.com) and click Update Profile.

You will see something like this:

Select your .MP4 / .MOV file: 

By clicking the Browse button, you will see the contents of your computer.  Find the movie file that you created, then click Open.  Make sure that you choose a file with an extension of.mp4 or .mov.  You can try it above by clicking Browse...

Select your GIF or JPG resume file: 

You will be given the same thing for your photo resume file.  Browse for your GIF or JPG file and click Open.

Type your resume here:

You will also be given a box for you to type or paste in text from your resume document.  Fill it in with the same text as your photo resume has, and employers will have two different ways of looking at your resume.